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Winning in the Work World is a pioneering comprehensive program designed to help students and recent graduates understand what employers are really looking for. This program will enable you to have a powerful head start to either a rewarding career or exciting internship!

Winning in the Work World has six modules:


  • Setting the Stage and your Mindset for Success.
  • Your Criteria for Choosing an Organization
  • Using Internships to test your Criteria
  • Hone in on your function as soon as you can.

Module 1 – Powerful Rules to Building Your Career

  • The Work World: What’s Different and How to Get Ready For It
  • You Have the Opportunity
  • The Most Important Question
  • 4 Rules to start your career with
    • MVP Rule #1: Become a Problem Solver
    • MVP Rule #2: Be Interested (and Pay Attention)
    • MVP Rule #3: Keep Your Career off Autopilot (and Focus on Being Great!)
    • MVP Rule #4: Stop Hiding Behind Your Excuses

Module 2 – Having The Ideal Mindset: Determining Your Winning Approach

  • The Approach Pyramid: Survive, Cruise, Contribute or Win
  • Talent Versus Work Ethic
  • The Mindset of a Champion
  • Will You Contribute or Win?
  • Welcome to the Global Arena
  • The Four Zone Rules for Standing Out
    • Zone Rule #1: Be Prepared
    • Zone Rule #2: Add Value
    • Zone Rule #3: Be Different
    • Zone Rule #4: Be Proactive

Module 3 – The Behaviors that Set You Apart with Employers Beyond your Major

  • The G.E.M. (Growing Executive Mindsets) Differentiator
  • Skill #1: Articulate Point of View Clearly
  • Skill #2: Communicate Confidently
  • Skill #3: Connect Personally
  • Skill #4: Build Trust
  • Skill #5: Provide Direct Feedback
  • Skill #6: Take Ownership
  • Skill #7: Coach and Recognize Others

Module 4 –Learning the Written and Unwritten Rules of the Game

  • Part I: Culture—Eight Rules on Working, Behaving and Dressing in the Office
  • Part II: Time—Six Rules on How to Show Up and Respond to Work Requests
  • Part III: Stories—How to Build Instant Credibility through Stories
  • Introductions Matter
  • Take Control of Your Energy Level
  • Go Ahead, Decide to Stand Out
  • Set the Stage for Being Heard
  • Be There When Your Name is Called
  • The Devil’s in the Details

Module 5 – Mastering Office Scenarios You May Face

  • Part I: Personal Situations (Scenarios 1-7)
  • Part II: Situations with Superiors or Senior Management (Scenarios 8-12)
  • Part III: Situations with Peers and Team Members (Scenarios 13-18)
  • Part IV: Meetings, Projects, and Other Work Situations (Scenarios 19-27)

Module 6 – Building Networks Internally & Externally to Standout.

  • The Four-Step Plan for Building Support
  • Step 1: The Foundation
    • Internal Networking
    • External Networking
  • Step 2: Strategize and Plan
  • Step 3: Execute
  • Step 4: Follow Up
  • How to Build Better Business Relationships
  • The Ninety-Day Game Plan: Your Checklist For Success
  • A Final Word of Advice

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to Stand Out more than you, once you know what to do.”
Stephen Krempl, Creator – Winning in the Work World.

Order your access to “Winning in the Work World”- Today – Intensive Training for Real World Success. 

You’ll Receive: 

  • 6 modules (28 vignettes totaling 4 hours of information packed content).
  • 90 Day Checklist – A day by day guide on things you can do (and must do) in order to standout in those crucial first 90 days on the job.
  • The Winning in the Work World Companion Workbook


Don’t just watch the videos, do the exercises!

Stephen will walk you through each module so you will understand what you should do, and why, when you get to the work world. The process is fun filled with anecdotes and stories. And as you implement the tips, techniques and tools that Stephen provides you will be heads and shoulders above your peers.

After 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars ask yourself this question “Are you really prepared for the work world?” and “Do you know the expectations of your employers, and what they are looking for from you? Which of your classes covered these topics in depth so that you will stand out from your peers?


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